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We also all have kids and therefore understand the challenges of balancing the family budget whilst keeping our young ones happy and entertained, of helping them learn and develop, to have fun, and to experience the pleasure of creative and imaginative play as an alternative to television and electronic games.

Our highly skilled, experienced and enthusiastic team has for a great many years provided customers with top quality products supported by first class personalised service both through our shops, online and mail order.

Our aim is always to put our customers at the heart of all we do by stocking items that our customers love, at very competitive prices, that are drawn from ethical and environmentally sustainable sources. We love wooden toys but we also love trees and the environment!

Our shop and online store offers a broad range toys, games, puzzles and crafts for all ages from babies right through to young adults and even some big kids!

We are passionate about what we do.  We are therefore always happy to help you with ideas for gifts and special occasions or to listen to any suggestions you may have about how we can better improve the range of products we sell or service we offer.  You can reach us easily by telephone on 01524 415304

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