Shire Upholstery

57-59 Yorkshire St
Morecambe LA3 1QF


No job is too small or too big, everything is within our capability. We specialize in the rebuild of cushion’s to there original comfort, small and major repairs to those eye soring faults and tares.

If you are eager of finding a solution of giving your furniture a new look within a budget, such as : colour, comfort or a complete new style, you have found it..! We are able to meet all your requirements.

For those larger jobs, such as : pubs, clubs, hotels etc, we can give you a new more inviting look, from polishing those worn tables, stools etc that simply need life bringing back to them. We also have a wide verity of new tables, chairs etc to choose from. Shire Upholstery’s services gives you the ability to build a new look for your business at excellent pricing.

beforeFor those of you who have the luxury of a holiday getaway : that mobile home or static caravan that needs a facelift, we are the specialists that are here to help. Ranging from a complete new design, colour, fabric and quality and comfort just needs improving., with our excellent pricing and advice and a price to meet your budget you wont go wrong.

We offer expert advice free of charge, you can even choose how soft or firm you would like your furniture to feel.

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